Need great staff but don’t want to pay the earth for recruitment?

We want to work with you to attract the best candidates to represent your brand!

We want to know what makes you and your business tick so we know who will match best.

Indie Recruitment will also negotiate a price and payment plan to suit your needs. So recruitment is no longer just for big corporations!

If you require someone capable and efficient that would “fit in” with your existing team…. Look no further. Indie specialises in a great culture fit, ensuring high retention of staff, decreasing staff’s need for ‘sickies’ and HR intervention.

To set up a meeting with a consultant, please phone 0412392617 today for a booking.

Jacquie at Indie recruitment

“Jacquie at Indie recruitment helped speed up my recruitment process through fast and thorough communication. I found the service to be exceptional and with all job criteria outlined to allow Jacquie to know exactly what we were looking for. Within a fortnight I had numerous reports of potential candidates who had been interviewed by phone and face to face. Two days later I had picked my new employee based on Jacquie’s recommendation and my own face to face interviews.

Thankyou Jacquie at indie recruitment.”

Ben Hirst
Warehouse Manager
Powerdown Australia