INDIE Recruitment is a start up business based in Newcastle NSW, who are looking to grow and service the needs of small, medium and large businesses throughout NSW.

We are a little different from your typical recruitment company, in that we can spend the time needed, geting to know you and your needs and that’s where our motto comes from #notjustanumber…..

For the business owners out there…
We want to get to know your company’s culture and quirks. This means that when it comes to finding you the right person who will stay long term, we can do it with ease.

For those of you seeking that next step in your career…
We offer a number of packages that can assist in you being hired much quicker. It’s a tough market out there so why not enlist our help. We also put together a weekly blog that features prominent successful novocastrians on interesting topics to help you find work sooner.

Please see our “looking for staff” and “Looking for work” pages depending on what you require!

About Indie Recruitment


We want everyone we deal with, to feel like they are #notjustanumber and our aim is to provide a professional, individualised and thorough recruitment process for both client and candidate alike.

Our offer disrupts the current recruitment market where clients feel out of the loop and candidates feel like just another number until their skills are of use to a recruiter.

Here at INDIE, we promise to be approachable, personable and hands on because finding the right person / right job can make an enormous difference to anyone / any business!

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